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by RobbieFritz at 3:16 PM
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Taylor Swift it seems is "under fire for her new music video, after Earl Sweatshirt branded it “inherently offensive” for referencing black culture". What?

More from the article:

The US rapper and member of hip hop group Odd Future hit out at Swift for twerking in the promo clip for her latest single “Shake It Off”, despite not having seen it himself.

“I don’t need to watch it to tell you that it’s ultimately harmful,” he tweeted. “Perpetuating black stereotypes to the same demographic of white girls who hide their prejudice by proclaiming their love of the culture.”

“For instance, those of you are afraid of black people but love that in 2014 it’s okay for you to be trill or twerk or say n****.”

The key here is " despite not having seen it himself". I mean, I watched it after reading this crap and I didn't see anything that is any different from other white hip-hop artists. As a matter of fact, I saw it more as a video (and song) poking fun at herself.

by RobbieFritz at 7:48 AM
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It usually starts with the ones close to you. Your wife/husband, sister, brother, mother, father and close friend etc. They start to hint things. You may have several attempts at certain projects, small or large with some success or no success. One by one they will start advising rather than seeking advice, without your asking. All of a sudden they become the authority in all your initiatives; even for the ones you are well qualified for.

You start to feel failed, small and suspect your own ability. This game goes on for a while until you think you are useless, a total disaster and question your life from a negative perspective. If you are in a long period of soul searching, you had it big time. They may even influence your children if you have any and cause them to lose their respect for you or look at you with pity.

I have news for you. When all this going on and you really think something is wrong with you, even if you are penniless, jobless, homeless, with nobody around...
by RobbieFritz at 8:44 AM
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You amazed me from early on and never let me down. You will be missed.

by ramrodking at 3:10 PM
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Bill Maher isn't my favorite guy but he is making a great point here and covering something worthwhile. What do others think? Is this a good direction or as Bill notes, do we empower a certain behavior?

by ramrodking at 2:50 PM
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Get an insight into the life in Gaza during the bombing from a 20 year old. Some of her blog posts are below. Not sure if this is where it should go.

“Writing is the anchor I use to keep me from drowning inside myself”. This is how 20-year-old Dalia al-Najjar presents her blog, a diary of life in Gaza. “I decided to devote my life to telling the story of our suffering because I felt that having survived I owe something to the martyrs.”

At least 1,900 Palestinians have been killed, more than 10,000 injured, and 450,000 displaced since Israel launched a massive offensive called Protective Edge against the 40-kilometer-long coastal strip on July 8.

Excessive restrictions from Israel in the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank is why most of the world and the United Nations considers this territory...
by RobbieFritz at 8:32 AM
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This is a novel from a guy that I attended High School with at Loyola Blakefield in Maryland.

by RobbieFritz at 11:25 AM
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VICE has gained access to Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and the organisation has produced this video about the group. A recommended watch for those interested in the group and how they work.
In the video, one of the Islamic State fighters says: "We will raise the flag of Allah in the White House," which follows similar remarks of a fighter in the region wanting to fly the black flag over 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

For those who want to understand US involvement in Iraq, here it is explained in 60 seconds.
by RobbieFritz at 8:39 AM
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..Alas, we are the last to come to this breech,

Our munitions are spent and our rations meager.. 

We watch the aerial bombardment,
as if sitting leisurely 
at the end of some grand festivity.

Yet friend, let me tell you, 
I fear for the rest of our compatriots.

I have seen them down by sea side,
they are sleep walking,
up from their beds, gone from their homes,
taken to the deep abyss ….

Cori, Italia.

Friday, 8 Augusto, 2014
by RobbieFritz at 8:33 AM
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Never Would Have Guessed
Captain Kangaroo passed away on January 23, 2004 at age 76 , which is odd,because he always looked to be 76. (DOB: 6/27/27 )
His death reminded me of the following story.

Some people have been a bit offended that the actor, Lee Marvin,
is buried in a grave alongside 3 and 4-star generals at
Arlington National Cemetery His marker gives his name,
rank (PVT) and service (USMC). Nothing else.
Here's a guy who was only a famous movie star who served his time,
why the heck does he rate burial with these guys?
Well, following is the amazing answer:

I always liked Lee Marvin, but didn't know the extent
of his Corps experiences.

In a time when many Hollywood stars served their country
in the armed forces often in rear echelon posts where they
were carefully protected, only to be trotted out to perform
for the cameras in war bond promotions,
Lee Marvin was a genuine hero.
He won the Navy Cross at Iwo Jima There is only one...
by RobbieFritz at 2:56 PM
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Article here.